Propose a new Lithops cultivar application

To validly publish a new Lithops cultivar, please download the application form below and provide as much information as possible. Omitted details may cause problems.

Download the Lithops Registration Form in Word (.doc format) here.

When you have completed the application, please attach it to an Email in the form of a Word (.doc) document.

If possible, please provide at least one photograph (.jpeg, .jpg, .gif and .bmp formats only) and add any information not covered by the form on a separate page. Each file is limited to a maximum of 2Mb (2 megabytes) with a total for all files no greater than 6Mb (6 megabytes).

If you have questions regarding registering a new Lithops cultivar, please use the "Contact Us" page to send us your questions before beginning the process.

Please Email the completed form, photographs and any relevant information to:

If you have made it this far and submitted a proposal,

Thank you,

we will be in contact soon.